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Zalem Delarbre

Didg'Exploration is a platform for online didgeridoo lessons, created by

Zalem Delarbre.


His teaching method results from more than 15 years of professional playing and workshops around the world.


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Level 2 
Beginner → Intermediate 

Level 2 
Beginner → Intermediate 

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Intermediate → Advanced

Didgeridoo Si

 The concepts and theories of music explained and illustrated

Practical exercises to acquire these new concepts at your own pace

Dozens of broken down rhythms
+ backing tracks

Ujazi Didgeridoo

In these courses, you will find his philosophy and the foundations of his playing style.


A great precision in the mechanisms that form the didgeridoo' sounds.


Testimonials from our students

I just finished this course. As a player for a year, I didn't expect to get much out of the fundamentals course, but I got a lot out of it. Excellent! Now let's get to the Wobbles...


--Mike Jerry-- (États-Unis)

didgeplaying (1).jpg



Yes wonderful Zalem I didn't expect to get it at first, and after 30min it's there! 🎶🥳😍

Thank you so much for this fundamental course, I was playing before your course but I was stuck in what I already knew,

I thought I was already advanced, but since I started the course I can say I was just a beginner with circular breathing! 😂 I can definitely feel the improvement 👌!


--Antoine Gianelli-- (Philippines)

FB_IMG_1624779441854 (1).jpg

I really don't have anything to say at this point. I'm kind of speechless.

You've opened up a whole new playing field for me with this Wobbles theory. Right now I feel a little lost and don't really know where to start. And on the other hand, I know exactly what to do. First of all, the most urgent thing for me is to be patient with myself :-).

For me, at this point, all possible topics are covered. I will now take it step by step and have fun.

So thank you very much for your course. Thank you 

--RogerM-- (Suisse)

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Workshop Le Rêve de L'Aborigène




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A step by step teaching

The new techniques are first unpacked, illustrated and then integrated into a rhythm. In this way, you expand your musical repertoire in a playful way while practicing.


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