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Wobble playing
Wobble playing

Level 2  Beginner → Intermediate

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Wobble playing


If you want to...

learn more in detail about the most important mechanisms of the didgeridoo

be comfortable and relaxed in your practice

increase the speed and complexity of your playing

no longer be confined in the same rhythms

Wobble playing

...then this course is perfect for you!

Hi, I'm Zalem Delarbre.

Having started the Didgeridoo in 2002, I quickly became in love with it. Practicing this wind instrument, with its strong vibrations has gradually changed my life. 

I had never played music or any other instrument before, the Didgeridoo brought me into this world naturally.

Thanks to it and of course thanks to the  people it allowed me to meet, I learned rhythmic, composition, solfege basics, and much more. 

The mastery of the breath and the circular breathing taught me more about myself than any other method would ever do. For more than15 years now I have had the joy of living from this passion, alongside this fabulous instrument, with its infinite possibilities.

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